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Warranty Online Registration

For Singapore Only

Registration is free of charge and must be done within 14 days of purchase.


It has come to our attention that products from BOSTON ACOUSTICS are being sold through on-line auctions and other unauthorized distribution channels. We believe that in some cases there are legitimate consumers trying to sell product that they have purchased through legitimate distribution channels. However, we are finding that some of the merchandise has actually been stolen from our customers. Please be advised that our product warranty is void with respect to stolen goods.

Further, we reserve the right to require a legitimate sales receipt showing that the product was purchased from one of our customers in order to provide warranty coverage.


Every Boston Acoustics product is a technical excellence. To own a Boston Acoustics system is an investment and is more than just an excellent product only when you purchase it from our Authorized dealers. Any purchase of our Boston Acoustics product from an authorized Boston Acoustics dealer will be guaranteed of obtaining the full warranty service from the Boston Acoustics representative/ authorized distributor WHERE THE BOSTON ACOUSTICS PRODUCT ORIGINALLY PURCHASED FROM; provided the original factory serial number must NOT be removed, defaced or replaced in any way.


Boston Acoustics is aware of numerous instances in which such serial number tampering has occurred. Serial numbers may be altered by unauthorized dealers or their suppliers in an attempt to prevent manufactures from tracing the supplier source. Any purchase of Boston Acoustics product from an UNAUTHORIZED dealer will NOT be honored or serviced under the existing Boston Acoustics warranty policy.

Should you have any questions about the warranty on our Boston Acoustics products, please contact the authorized Distributor or reseller that you have purchased the product from.